‘Storks’ is another animated success


Storks (2016)

Directed by Nicholas Stoller and Doug Sweetland

Ty Burrell is a real estate agent. Andy Samberg says “cool beans.” Key & Peele are back together. “Storks” is the animated comedy we all wanted, let’s be honest. Cute babies and timely cultural references are just what we needed. It’s what our 2016 needed. Embrace it.


Storks haven’t delivered babies in 18 years, ever since Tulip (Katie Crown) was never delivered and grew up in the storks’ giant building in the sky. But now that Tulip is 18, boss-man Hunter (Kelsey Grammar) instructs Junior (Andy Samberg) to fire her and return her to Earth. But a little boy’s (Anton Starkman) wish and a logistical error will give them one more passenger on their long journey—a fresh new baby to care for and deliver to expecting parents Henry and Sarah Gardner (Ty Burrell and Jennifer Aniston).


Andy Samberg is the comedic voice of a generation. His pitch changes and accents make certain that any word coming from his mouth can be tinged with natural comedy. Add Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele as hungry wolves vulnerable to the power of cuteness and Stephen Kramer Glickman as Pigeon Toady, a scheming bird-brained bro, and “Storks” has one of the best voice casts of the year. But an animated movie about baby delivery doesn’t have to be just for kids. Pigeon Toady, especially, is a favorite for adults (or, at least, this adult).


“Storks” has the heart to balance out its humor. It’s an adorable ode to families of all sorts. In a year where children seem to be getting the last laugh in theaters, “Storks” is just another lovable animated movie we can all enjoy.


2 thoughts on “‘Storks’ is another animated success

    1. I thought it was just funny and heartwarming enough to be good. It’s not perfect–it’s far from the best animated movie of the year–but I thought it was worth my time!

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