Biography of the Author

Should that movie be considered cinema, or is it just cine-meh?

I’m Logan Burd, author of this blog’s 1000+ posts. After majoring in English, I now spend my days editing textbooks in Columbus, Ohio, and writing film reviews as a member of the Columbus Film Critics Association.

You can find all of my reviews in my Review Catalog.

Plus, follow me on Letterboxd for a ton more film content: loganburd

15 thoughts on “Biography of the Author

  1. Just read a heap of pages, really like this site – mostly because you put down exactly what you feel, even for ‘the classics’ and don’t dish out the 10/10s (I hate that when pedestrian films get 9s and 10s!). Good stuff.

    1. Thanks for reading! I don’t aim to please, I just tell it how I see it. I’m wrong a lot, I’m no pro, but I think I fairly represent at least some of my contituency lol.

    1. Good point, I should get one up there! Have you read my review of Black Swan, it’s my highest rated so far and one of my longest reviews! It was written for class, so it’s a bit more formal. Thanks for reading!

  2. hey man I know this is a totally off-the-wall comment, and I’m not sure if you were going for this at all. . but if you’ve seen Fast Times at Ridgemont High, your resemblance to Judge Reinhold in that film as he worked in a fast food seafood restaurant is absolutely uncanny. Love it.

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