‘Entourage’ : As Hollywood as it gets


Entourage (2015)

Directed by Doug Ellin

6/10  R

It’s been about four years since HBO’s “Entourage,” which lasted a successful eight seasons and 96 episodes, shot its last episode. Now, after some production speedbumps (ironic, eh?), the “Entourage” movie is finally here. Before you ask…yes, you can certainly enjoy the movie without having seen the show. I survived. It throws you into the middle of a few stories, but none you can’t easily pick up on after a few minutes. Have no fear. While “Entourage” isn’t the funniest movie of the year, it’s an enjoyable romp around Hollywood. Dozens of stars, from actors to models to athletes to musicians, make cameo appearances. It’s a red carpet of familiar faces.

Studio exec Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven, not missing a single beat) taps good friend and movie star Vinny Chase (Adrian Grenier) to star in and direct an ambitious supernatural film called “Hyde.” But alongside the rest of the crew—Vinny’s brother and costar Johnny (Kevin Dillon), driver/entrepreneur Turtle (Jerry Ferrera), and producer E (Kevin Connolly)—Gold and Chase will have to convince their financiers (Billy Bob Thornton and Haley Joel Osment, actually a great pair of performances) that the project is worth their investment.


“Entourage” only lasts 104 minutes, but it feels at least twenty minutes longer. Besides that and some lack of focus, I can’t see much worth complaining about. Aside from Jeremy Piven, these guys haven’t found superstardom. But they don’t need it, because they have this. These characters feel real because the guys have so much fun being themselves. Piven is hilarious. He’s the most deserving of the stardom he’s found since beginning the series back in 2004. The cameo guests are also frequent bright spots. Watch out for quick but unforgettable bits from T.I. and Bob Saget.

“Entourage” is just really entertaining. It’s not the best movie of the year, but it’s a fun summer flick. I feel like there’s no easier way to describe it than that.

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