My picks for 2014’s Worst Movies

Okay, so not all of 2014’s offerings were great entertainment. Some were downright atrocious. Here are the movies that make me hurl last year.


5. Let’s Be Cops

Let’s not. A promising comedy turned out to be a total farce. One laugh. So many regrets.



4. Transcendence

Johnny Depp says he’s retiring soon. Maybe this is why. A sci-fi movie warning us about the negative powers of technology? How original.



3. Draft Day

The only thing worse than the Cleveland Browns is a movie about the Cleveland Browns. This is one pick that I would have definitely traded.



2. Transformers: Age of Extinction

The newest Michael Bay flop looked like a snowglobe of Japan filled with nuts and bolts. A big, jumbled, metallic mess.



1. Sabotage

For the second year in a row, Arnold Schwarzenegger takes home the top prize. There was only one movie in 2014 that I seriously considered walking out of before it was over. That was “Sabotage.” For a movie that relies on the mystery of its ending, that’s a dooming statement.

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