Celebrating ‘Pi’ Day the only way I know how

To celebrate another Pi Day! Happy 3/14!

Cinema or Cine-meh


Pi (1998)

Directed by Darren Aronofsky

7.5/10  R

As a movie buff, I figured “Pi” was the only way to truly celebrate 3/14. Happy Pi Day!

8:37. Write review of “Pi.” It’s only 85 minutes long. If it were any longer, I might go insane too. With its contrast of bright white and pitch black, Clint Mansell’s screeching techy score, and head-jerking cinematography (thanks, Matthew Libatique!), I was the one getting a headache. But it’s worth it.

Schizophrenic, Jewish mathematician Max Cohen (Sean Gullette) lives in a cramped apartment in New York’s Chinatown. Max, with hispi social phobia, tends to stay in his high-tech (well, for 1998…) computer room. In black and white, it’s hard to tell exactly what sorts of gadgets he has in there (that’s your excuse, but really you wouldn’t know if it was in full color and al the gadgets were labeled). When he begins searching for…

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