‘The Guilt Trip’ is not the cinematic car crash critics claimed

GUILT-TRIP-1-SHEETThe Guilt Trip (2012)

Directed by Anne Fletcher

6.5/10  PG-13

Even if director Anne Fletcher’s “The Guilt Trip” relies almost solely on overprotective Jewish mom jokes, it still finds a way to not suck. Barbara Streisand plays Joyce, the chatty mom I’m talking about. When her son Andy, played by Seth Rogen, pays her a visit on his way to a series of company meetings across the country, Streisand overplays the mom bit. She’s a walking stereotype. Oy! Joyce and Andy typify every nagging mother/embarrassed son relationship ever, but somehow it works. But when Andy leaves for his trip, he feels pressured into asking his mother to tag along. She complains about not getting to see him often, so he feels obligated. Hilarity ensues? Not quite.

Streisand, as she did in “Meet the Fockers” almost ten years ago, makes us chuckle at her absurd, over-the-top caricature of a guilt_tripmom. It’s so silly it’s sometimes funny. Rogen takes the low road in this one, giving up the funniest role. But he’s by no means unfunny. In this outrageous comedy, it’s all about the situations these two get themselves into. Screenwriter Dan Fogelman (2013’s hilarious “Last Vegas”) gives us a series of unfortunate (and some very fortunate) events to string this comedy along. It’s a “Due Date”/”Hangover” mash-up with fewer laughs, but it makes up for it in charm and a happy ending that’s just cheesy enough to leave a big toothy grin on your face. It might be predictable, but no more than most comedies Hollywood spews out every other Friday. It we’re comparing it on a level playing field, it’s actually not that bad.

While it’s not perfect, “The Guilt Trip” offers enough to give you a few good laughs and a satisfying feeling in your stomach. I can get behind that.

“The Guilt Trip” is now on Blu-ray, DVD, and Netflix.


One thought on “‘The Guilt Trip’ is not the cinematic car crash critics claimed

  1. Good review Logan. The movie may not have known what type of tone to go with, but I didn’t mind that. I thought Streisand and Rogen worked well together and brought a slight ounce of heft to some-already thin-material.

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