‘Stranger than Fiction’: Ferrell without the funny?

An oldie but a goodie!

Cinema or Cine-meh

Stranger Than Fiction (2006)

Stranger than Fiction (2006)

Directed by Marc Forster

8.5/10  PG-13

One may stumble across “Stranger than Fiction” while browsing through Will Ferrell’s lengthy list of credits and brush it off as just another straight comedy. That person would be straight wrong. Directed by Marc Forster (“Monster’s Ball”) and written with poetic grace by screenwriter Zach Helm, “Stranger than Fiction” possesses a beauty and legitimacy unthought-of in Ferrell’s previous works. And he hooks you from the very beginning with a quirky, likeable, purely human performance.

When IRS auditor Harold Crick (Ferrell in a Golden Globe-nominated performance) begins to hear voices, he is quick to contend a psychologist’s diagnosis of schizophrenia. And he’s right. In fact, a local author Karen Eiffel (an incredibly complex Emma Thompson) has begun writing a story unknowingly based on Crick’s life, and she begins to narrate and accurately predict his every move. Amazement and curiosity turn to…

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