‘Stand Up Guys’: Or, three Oscar winners shooting guns and trading dick jokes


Stand Up Guys (2013)

Directed by Fisher Stevens

6.5/10  R

Al Pacino and Christopher Walken shoot guns and trade hilarious (and oftentimes inappropriate) banter. Sound fun? If not, buzz off. “Stand Up Guys” isn’t for you.

Is everyone here still on board? Good. Honestly, “Stand Up Guys” is the most fun I’ve had watching a movie in a while. I preface with “honestly” because, by looking at the movie’s critical reception, you might find that hard to believe. This isn’t a great piece of film. Not by any stretch of the imagination. At times the story is illogical, and the ending lacks any semblance of closure. Out of all the unknown awards handed out annually, “Stand Up Guys” received one nomination in 2013: “Best Original Song,” for a Bon Jovi track that ran behind the credits. That’s it. But that’s okay, because what it lacks in quality, it makes up for in guilty-pleasure-worthy entertainment. Seriously though. This is a gimmick movie. Some of our favorite movies are pretty crappy if you look at the big picture. But you love ’em anyway because they’re fun and they make you smile. Or cry, or whatever you like your movies to do. It’s as simple as that. If you think it’d be a blast to see three old stars like Al Pacino, Christopher Walken, and Alan Arkin talk about sex and drugs and cars and how it was all better back in the good ol’ days, this movie is perfect for you. And you’re right. It’s a f*cking hoot.

Al Pacino, Alan Arkin, Christopher Walken, and Katheryn Winnick in Stand Up Guys (2012)

“Stand Up Guys” oozes old-school cool. This trio of septuagenarians and their amusing geriatric shenanigans make me consider buying it to add to my collection. That’s a glowing recommendation on its own merit. But these guys aren’t comedians. Especially Pacino…have you seenJack and Jill”? But their attempts at comedy are comical in itself. You need a new funny bone if you don’t get a laugh out of these old geezers having fun on screen. Pacino snorts Walken’s crushed up cataract pills. Arkin eventually speeds away in a stolen sports car he can’t figure out how to start. Walken says a whole bunch of stuff in his “Christopher Walken” voice. Pardon my ineloquent verbiage, but I think the movie sells itself.

And at only 95 minutes, you won’t waste much time if you don’t enjoy yourself. Honestly, I can’t see that being very likely. It’s just too much fun.

2 thoughts on “‘Stand Up Guys’: Or, three Oscar winners shooting guns and trading dick jokes

  1. These vets do all that they can to make this material work but after awhile, they just seemed to lose control. Poor Arkin, Walken, and Pacino. Good review Logan.

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