Two Quick Reviews for Two Freaky Thrillers

Signs (2002)

Directed by M. Night Shyamalen

7.5/10  PG-13

\As a former priest, his kids, and his brother band together to prepare for an alien invasion, emotional ties are bound tighter. That’s the beauty of “Signs.” The understated acting of Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix make this thriller all about what you don’t know. Instead of being afraid of what you see, you anticipate what Shyamalen holds from you.  It has a tender touch of reality in its dry humor, Abigail Breslin is positively adorable, and the ending (while not the crazy twist “The Sixth Sense” throws at you) is altogether a great way to end an exciting movie.

The Descent (2005)

Directed by Neil Marshall

7/10  R

Again reliant on what you can’t see (not because it’s not there, but because the absence of light leaves you unable to) “The Descent” follows six adventurous girls down a never-before-ventured cave system. But a series of twists and turns leave friendships shattered and psyches altered…plus, are the girls really alone? Another incredibly thought-provoking ending, not usually the common fare when it comes to horror movies. Throw textbook thrills out the window and strap yourselves in for an underground scream-fest.

2 thoughts on “Two Quick Reviews for Two Freaky Thrillers

  1. So the signs said both films were pretty decent then? Haven’t seen The Descent so will add it to my list. Thnx.

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