Ranking Pixar’s 18 year history movie-by-movie

13. Cars 2 – This is the pop slot, considering “Cars 2” remains the last Pixar movie for me to see…honestly, unless the opportunity conveniently presents itself, I probably never will.

12. Brave – While it may be Pixar’s most visually appealing picture, “Brave” has twice failed to impress me. The story doesn’t live up to the monstrous expectations of its Pixar predecessors, and most of the characters have at least something to dislike about them. It’s an emotional family drama that got caught up somewhere in its quest to be insightful.

11. Cars – While it remains a huge hit among children (Lightning McQueen is the subject of many a plastic children’s toy) “Cars” was too immature to rank among its Pixar peers.

10. Toy Story 2 – Argue if you will, but I always found the second installment of the amazing “Toy Story” franchise to be too brash, too severe to compare to the others.  The antagonistic Prospector (Kelsey Grammar) was so unforgiving and terrifying.

9. Wall-E – It still ties for the top-rated Pixar pic on IMDb, but something about “Wall-E” leaves you with an empty feeling. As hard as it is to forget the tender romance of Wall-E and Eve, it seems pretty easy to remember the rest of the plot.

8. A Bug’s Life – As a child, this was a favorite…that might make me a little biased here…but “A Bug’s Life” is heart-warming, thrilling, and hilarious. “I’m a beautiful butterfly!”

7. The Incredibles – This is about the turning point of this list, where adequate and good movies turn into great ones. They may be super-heroes, but that doesn’t stop Pixar from treating them like your average family. For that reason it’s wonderfully comical.

6. Ratatouille – Pixar found a real home around the time of “Ratatouille.” Something about this beautiful portrait of Paris, the brilliant animation, and the lovable and relatable story of a boy and a rat made this one of Pixar’s best.

5. Toy Story – The one that started it all…”Toy Story” broke strides in animation, but Pixar was just getting started. The characters are all well-developed, the story is engaging, and Randy Newman gave us all an earworm we still haven’t forgotten.

4. Finding Nemo – “Finding Nemo” isn’t just a movie, it’s a journey. A hysterical, exciting journey,

3. Up – You’ll cry, then you’ll laugh, then you’ll cry, then you’ll smile. It’s an emotional roller-coaster, probably Pixar’s greatest picture for adults as well as kids. It’s brimming with true feeling, but it’s one of the funniest.

2. Monster’s Inc. – Can I repeat what I just said above? It’s Pixar’s funniest picture, but maybe also its saddest.

1. Toy Story 3 – It’s not only a capper to one of film’s greatest franchises, it made such a splash that TS4 is on its way. And count me in.


2 thoughts on “Ranking Pixar’s 18 year history movie-by-movie

  1. Good list for sure Logan. Haven’t seen them all but Ratatouille and the Toy Story franchise was great. Like Star Wars to come I hope the don’t milk it so dry to squeeze the life out of it. As for Wall-E I’d rate it #2 after Toy Story 3.

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