‘Lincoln’: A man beyond the Presidency


Lincoln (2012)

Directed by Steven Spielberg

8.5/10  PG-13

“Lincoln” is not about a President; it’s about a man. Daniel Day-Lewis plays an honestly human Abe with feelings, humor, and troubling insecurities – an Abraham Lincoln more than a stone monument. Spielberg’s film is a 150-minute portrait of an American hero like no one has seen him before.

It’s seven score and seven years ago, 1865, and Lincoln’s cabinet is trying to convince members of the House to vote for the passage of the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Racial equality and peace; who can argue with that? These fiery Democrats sure can try. But it’s the backdrop of the political struggle – the one at home, between the President, his wife Mary Todd (Sally Field), and his sons Robert (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Tad (Gulliver McGrath) – that offers the most insatiable drama. Robert wants to fight for his country instead of being a lawyer like his father; Mary Todd calls Tad her husband’s “favorite son.” Spielberg gives it to us straight, no holds barred, history with a bitter aftertaste – truth.

And that is, for the most part, what it seems to be – truth. Besides a few details left out of put in to make for a more manageable run-time and dramatic story, Spielberg deserves praise for getting it right.


“Lincoln” is also a huge hit with the critics! 8.4/10 on IMDb, 7 Golden Globe nominations, 4 S.A.G. nods, and who knows how much Oscar will love it? (hint: probably a lot). Daniel Day-Lewis gives the best performance I’ve seen in a film all year, giving genuine humanity to the 16th President. His emotion is unmatched. Sally Field and Tommy Lee Jones (as Republican congressman Thaddeus Stevens) are also receiving nominations for their impressive performances.

“Lincoln” is more than a historical piece of drama – it’s a dramatic piece of history. And it should be remembered for years to come.

5 thoughts on “‘Lincoln’: A man beyond the Presidency

  1. Spielberg continues to purvey on cue, ‘on board’ predictive programming
    and PC moral alibis for the ‘collateral damage’ of capstone things

    FURTHER, putting aside this 6th? –7th? Lincoln, with a
    foreigner playing this quintessentially American icon
    ————-Spielberg stranegly OMITS what is surely, in 2012,
    the MOST urgently relevant aspect of the entire Lincoln legacy
    —his quite possibly –FATAL– diss of Global monopoly banking
    over finance of the war.

    RE–MEMBER! —this is far from the first time Speilberg’s
    been caught with timing that’s creepy in the extreme.

    His PC guilt trippy ode to old China ‘Empire of the Sun’ was
    used to ‘perception ,manage’ things during Globalist handover
    of the entire American economy to —RED—- China, and
    on the eve of the ————TIENNAMEN MASSACRE————–.

    As ever, BEWARE celbrations of police state, and enforced ‘equality’
    from BILLIONAIRE Hollywood producers in Trotsky glasses.

    This is the 11th hour. . .

  2. —With his 7th? –8th? —–9th? Hollywood
    Lincoln surely the line is crossed from cultural incest
    —-to abject sterility.

    And putting aside the AGAIN Sally Field, what are we to
    make of a foreigner being preferred at a time like this,
    when we are clearly being USURPED by the forces of
    unaccountable capstone Globalism and USURY banking?

    Further, Spielberg conveniently OMITS —ANY— mention
    much less treatment of what surely is the ONLY urgently
    relevant thing about the Lincoln legacy in 2012
    —-his quite possible –FATAL– diss of the Global
    banking monopoly over finance of the war.

    Thus Spielberg reaffirms his longstanding rep
    as the #1 purveyor of predictive programming
    for capstone ‘things unfolding’ —-and PC moral alibis
    for the damage therefrom.

    BE AWARE! —even his guilt trippy ode to old China,
    ‘Empire of the Sun’ was essential to ‘perception managing’
    things during the height of Globalist handover to —RED—China
    and on the brink of the —-TIENNAMEN MASSACRE—–.

    For thsoe of you just joining us —REALLY time to
    upgrade your files on Spielberg/

    And, as ever, BEWARE celebrations and homages
    to ‘enforced equality’ and ‘police state neccessities’
    from BILLIONAIRE Hollywood producers —in Trotsky glasses. . .

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