‘My Week with Marilyn’: A review poem


My Week with Marilyn (2011)

Directed by Simon Curtis

7/10  R

It may have been divine intervention from the screen goddess itself, but I had a literary urge to write my review of “My Week with Marilyn” in the form of a poem. Enjoy!


“Goodbye Norma Jean,

though I never knew you at all,

you had the grace to hold yourself

while those around you crawled”

A magical homage to a blonde bombshell

“My Week with Marilyn” (Olivier, as well)

A provocative story of an impermanent

(and all the better for it)

romance between one shining star

and one handsome Brit.

Michelle Williams (and her Oscar nod)

glows in the light of Monroe’s radiant façade

a marvel, despite critics’ objections

An artificial airiness in her voice, they say

(and they’re not wrong, despite Oscar’s selections)

But behind that, reality

A troubled, unstable woman appears

Monroe without the flashbulbs, evident mortality

Or not, thanks to the likes of Williams’ talent beyond her years.

Kenneth Branagh (and his Oscar nod)

an intimate, powerful portrayal of Sir Larry Olivier

(basically an acting god)

full-fledged intensity, an impressive display.

A film that honors film is always the best film

And true, to boot (but how much so is in dispute)

Colin Clark claimed to be Monroe’s lover

but historians have found lies and may have more to uncover.

But please, don’t fear

This beautiful, charming, delightful ode

is as peachy keen and neat-o as it is dear

to a legend, Marilyn Monroe.

4 thoughts on “‘My Week with Marilyn’: A review poem

  1. I loved the movie, and this ode too. Michelle was spot on and Branaugh was Branagh chewing up the scenery as good as Oliver.

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