Explaining my improved rating system!

I’ve felt compelled to amp up my rating system for months, but I would hate to throw off the already-rated reviews. For most movies, the ratings you see are absolutely my thoughts. For the ones 7/10 or below, it could use some help. As of now, 7 is my average movie. Why shouldn’t that number be 5? Now, it will be.

1 – Even thinking about seeing the movie would be stupid.

2 – Watch only if paid to do so.

3 – Not worth the time it takes to watch it.

4 – Unimpressive, forgettable.

5 – Average – try not to pay to see it, unless you get a discount.

6 – Not a regrettable decision, but it could have been better.

7 – Worth the cost of a theater ticket.

8 – I’d pay not only to see the movie, but to buy it in order to watch over and over again.

9 – See this movie, whatever the cost.

10 – If you even think about skipping this, you’re an idiot.

Questions, concerns?? My next review will be using this format, but again remember that those movies rated 7.5 and above before this are as I think the movie is. If it’s an 8 (as my past few have been) see it. For them, nothing has changed. Thanks for reading, y’all come back now!


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