My First Book Review?!


Candy Girl (2005)

By Diablo Cody

Written by an amazing screenwriter (my favorite, to whom I compare all other screenwriters, at least today), Candy Girl is the 2005 memoir of Diablo Cody, known for penning “Juno” (2007), “Jennifer’s Body” (2009), and “Young Adult” (2011), and her reasonless venture into stripperdom. Hilarity ensues. I won’t bore you with the raunchy details of fetishism, nudity, and sex, but to call it the wittiest and most entertaining book I’ve ever read wouldn’t be much of a stretch. With the humor and insight of her engaging screenplays, Cody describes a year of her life in such fun and hilarious detail that I couldn’t see anyone else writing it as well. With such pop-cultural references to (let me peer into the book to find examples) “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape,” “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,” and Frodo Baggins (as well as tons of others), Cody’s knowledge (and acknowledgement) of the world around her is unmatched in today’s cinema or literature. I couldn’t think of the words necessary to praise this book highly enough…but Cody could. Her vocabulary reaches beyond the bounds of human knowledge (seriously, she makes up words that I might now consider using). Underneath the birthday suit veil is a truly adorable love story of Cody and her boyfriend-turned-husband (but only for three years) and his young daughter (from a previous marriage) that will lift your heart. But at the end of its mere 200 (or so) pages, I was hoping for more! Ever wondered the ins and outs of being in the sex industry? (ha!) Let “Candy Girl” be your confection.

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