Did ‘Jack and Jill’ deserve its Razzie sweep?

Adam Sandler in Jack and Jill (2011)

Jack and Jill (2011)

Directed by Dennis Dugan

3.5/10  PG

From The Artist, the winner of three of 2011’s top Academy Awards…to Jack and Jill, who swept the Razzies on April Fool’s Day (the only movie in the Razzies’ 32-year history to win all 10 categories) and officially became the worst movie of the year. But does it deserve to be named the worst? In 2008, the hilarious comedy The Love Guru took home many of the Razzie’s top awards, and I’ve always loved that. Was Jack and Jill really worse than 2011’s latest Twilight dud? I think not. The difference? Jack and Jill knew it was bad—why else would they have cameos from a cross-dressing David Spade (who won worst supporting actress), ShamWow spokesman Vince Offer (post-arrest), or John McEnroe?—while Breaking Dawn: Part I thought it was genuine and legitimate, which only helped make it seem more dreadful.

Adam Sandler, Katie Holmes, Rohan Chand, and Elodie Tougne in Jack and Jill (2011)

Director Dennis Dugan has had a rich history with Adam Sandler, directing him in movie like Big Daddy, Happy Gilmore, and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, among others. In Jack and Jill, Sandler stars as Jack, a Jewish family man (opposite his wife, played by Katie Holmes) who is having his bothersome twin sister Jill (also Sandler) home for Hanukkah. When she attracts Al Pacino (playing himself), Jack finds himself willing to use his sister to further his business writing commercials. Contrary to popular belief (IMDb users gave Jack and Jill a lousy 3.4/10), Sandler’s lady voice is actually somewhat amusing, and he gets to crack some laughable jokes. Sure, sometimes you’ll find yourself laughing at it and not with it, but Jack and Jill seems to be okay with that. After all, you’re still laughing. And yes, it makes some goofy fart jokes and uses childish gimmicks and situational humor, but it’s all in good fun. It is rated PG, after all. And I’ll admit, at times it is really dumb. The blatant Mexican stereotypes stick out to me. But I can’t bring myself to call it the worst. After Twilight, In Time and Larry Crowne can easily compete for the title. And that’s without having seen Bucky Larson. Jack and Jill has some heart, and you can’t expect a kid’s movies to all be quality films.

9 thoughts on “Did ‘Jack and Jill’ deserve its Razzie sweep?

    1. Just because I found Twilight a worse excuse for a movie than Jack and Jill? It was goofy, it appealed to my childish sense of humor, and I’m okay with being honest. That’s why people write movie reviews, not to say what everyone else says but to say what they feel. Sorry we disagree, if you like to read reviews that you agree with you’ve lost all credibility as a movie review reader. That being said, thanks for reading!

      1. No, because you gave it a 6. That’s an awfully high rating for a movie that deserves a 1. It was garbage, it really was. I don’t know why someone like you would recommend it. Aren’t you a college or uni student?

        1. Forgive me for forgetting about this comment, but normally the comments tend to be a bit more substantial. For someone who just told me go into depth on why a movie was so good, “garbage” is not such a thoughtful commentary. Besides calling it garbage and rating it a 1, which says absolutely nothing, why did you dislike the movie? As for my apparently inconsistent taste in movies, I think I’m allowed to like a variety of different movies. For whatever reason (and truly, I couldn’t say), Jack and Jill make me chuckle. If I consistently rated childish comedies 1’s and dramatic romances 10’s, what would be the point of reviewing at all? Isn’t it the surprise that makes it count? If I knew exactly what Peter Travers would write about a movie, what would be the point in reading? BTW, that’s why I don’t read his Twilight reviews. And yes, I am in college.

  1. I missed Jack and Jill on purpose but agree thay aside from the eye candy Twilight was a confusing film unless you read the books. I stand by Horrible Bosses as my worst of of 2011. Good for you fro sticking by your guns. As I say when people disagree with me for films that most like I say I loved Ishtar. Different strokes for different folks. Off to see American Reunion in a coiple of hours.

    1. I found Horrible Bosses amusing at times, but I see where you’re coming from. And I think sometimes you gotta put away your critic hat and let the film wash over you. When I do that, sometimes my first impressions of a movie like Jack and Jill aren’t all negative. I can’t help that I laughed at times, it’s just how it went. And I was initially interested in American Reunion, but the trailers didn’t impress me so I think I’ll skip it. I did see Titanic 3D on Friday, review up tomorrow–the 100th anniversary of its departure.

      1. I posted my review if American Review while I was grabbing a bite right after. As for Titantic in 3D; the 3D didn’t add much. If you’ve seen the movie on the cinema screen before and liked or loved it then you still will. If you haven’t seen the film in any way then the 3D version I doubt will make any increased impressed over 2D. The technical attention to detail in the film is what makes it for me. The love story with Winlet and DiCaprio is a bonus.

        1. This is my first time seeing the film on anything but a TV screen, so undoubtedly 95% of my love was the sheer size, but the 3D was an added bonus. For those of us too young to see Titanic in theaters the first time around, it’s a dream come true. I never knew I could love that movie as much as I do now, after seeing it in theaters.

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