Is ‘Jennifer’s Body’ a perfect 10?

Jennifer's Body (2009)

 Jennifer’s Body (2009)

7/10  R

Carrie, meet Juno. From Oscar-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody (Juno, Young Adult) comes Jennifer’s Body, a demonic horror-comedy with a bite. When the title character, played by Megan Fox, is unsuccessfully sacrificed by an indie rock band of occultists (led by Adam Brody), she gains the supernatural powers of the devil they wished to send her to. In order to feed her appetite for destruction, Jennifer resolves to eating local boys, causing a stir in her small-town high school. When Jennifer begins to hit on the boyfriend (Johnny Simmons) of her best friend Needy (Amanda Seyfried), Needy will have to decide who to save. Will Jennifer be able to control herself? In this (or any) performance, Fox brings only two things to the acting table…naivety and sex appeal. Seyfried and Simmons are wonderful together, and the rest of the supporting cast is solid (including Juno star J.K. Simmons and “The Good Wife” regular Amy Sedaris).

Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried in Jennifer's Body (2009)

Cody’s lines are creative brilliance, using the cultural references (like Maroon 5 and Home Depot) that helped make her famous. Unfortunately, beneath the nearly flawless (and that’s the truth) dialogue is an odd story, one that doesn’t exactly fit the Diablo Cody model. But don’t believe what you may hear about this being all lousy, because these performances and this script deserve at least a little credit. Winner of an MTV Movie Award and a Teen Choice Award, Jennifer’s Body was a hit with the young’ins…I can only imagine why. Maybe it was Fox in the pool or Seyfried in bed with her boyfriend. Either way, its TV-14-rated FX spot pushed the boundaries of suggestion, forcing my mother to walk by and ask “This is on TV?” But if you stumble across Jennifer’s Body on TV, give it a shot. It just might possess you.

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