Reasons why I’m safe not seeing ‘Safe House’

Denzel Washington is teaming with relative newcomers in directing and writing with Safe House, a crime thriller. Denzel is great, and his co-star Ryan Reynolds has had some wonderful roles (Buried, for example), but I still think I’ll skip this one. Here’s why.

1. Relatively new director Daniel Espinoza has headed a handful of obscure indie films, but has no commercial success yet. Sure, Airplane!, The Maltese Falcon, and Citizen Kane were all directing debuts, but the bad far outnumber the classic. And yes, two of my favorite movies ever, Pi and Juno, were first screenplays, but that doesn’t mean that all first screenplays are wonderful. Far from it. And so David Guggenheim might have to wait for me to see a movie he writes. Sorry, but if they have beginners’ luck I’ll gladly eat these words.

2. Denzel’s last two films, Unstoppable and The Book of Eli, failed to impress me. Maybe this is the calm before the storm…like Denzel’s The Hurricane was before Remember the Titans and Training Day quickly followed. Again, I’ll take my chances.

3. Ryan Reynolds’ last two movies were The Change Up and The Green Lantern.

4. If I have time to see any movies in the upcoming weeks, it will surely be the 3D re-release of Star Wars: Episode I. Childhood nostalgia, the force is with you.

6 thoughts on “Reasons why I’m safe not seeing ‘Safe House’

  1. First three points are valid, however the fourth crushes all your hard work! Nostalgia aside Star Wars 3D is one of the biggest/most blatant money spinners I’ve ever seen


  2. I dislike Denzel Washington with a passion. There’s just something about the choices he makes of roles that rubs me the wrong way. Great little post. Cheers!

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