How great is ‘The Parent Trap’?

The Parent Trap (1998)

7.5/10  PG

First, let me clarify…I am indeed talking about the 1998 version. From the subtle, effective camera work to the believable double duty from Lohan and Lohan, The Parent Trap is one of the better family films EVER. It’s sad Lohan let herself go, but she was promising (on a side note, I also find Mean Girls hysterical). It will forever remain a favorite of mine, both from its fun beginning to its incredibly romantic and heartwarming end. It began my forever infatuation with Natasha Richardson and made her death in 2009 all the more tragic and heartbreaking. Sure, it didn’t win any Oscars, and the critics didn’t fall all over it, but The Parent Trap will remain a fun-loving film that will always bring out the child in me. Plus, it’s the only reason I will ever watch the Hallmark channel.


2 thoughts on “How great is ‘The Parent Trap’?

  1. Not to diminish the tragedy of Natasha Richardson’s death, but what a waste Lindsay Lohan has made of her life. Such joy from both of them in the above still.

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