My Top & Bottom 11 of 2011

Best Films of the Year!

11. Contagion

Forgive me for a weak field from which to choose (only 41 movies that released in 2011!), but Contagion isn’t a terrible number 10. With a big name cast of Oscar winners and a realistic, fear-inducing plot, Contagion struck fear into America’s hearts after the H1N1 pandemic.

10. The Devil’s Double

Based on the incredible true story, The Devil’s Double stars Dominic Cooper in two amazing roles, and he pulls it off surprisingly well! It’s violent, it’s abrasive, it is pure cinema!

9. Warrior

Already grabbing a Golden Globe nomination, Warrior is the deeply emotional story of two brothers and their father. Finally, Hollywood is taking mixed martial arts more seriously.

8. J. Edgar

Though the make-up leaves something to be desired, J. Edgar‘s direction and acting are superb. How can you go wrong with Leonardo DiCaprio?

7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

The biggest box office success of the year is finally something worth watching! The explosive finale is a completely flawless display of wizardry, and I can only hope for a nomination for Alan Rickman.

6. The Beaver

Mel Gibson is back! But it’s the beaver that deserves the Best Actor nomination. Jodie Foster takes a thrilling comedy approach to her directing debut.

5. Margin Call

Best cast of the year, as well as best directing debut. No question. Margin Call tells the perfectly humanized story of one financial firm’s collapse. Kevin Spacey and Jeremy Irons are great together.

4. The Help

Emma Stone is wonderful, and Jessica Chastain completes her year full of films. It’s uplifting, it’s fun to watch, and Sissy Spacek is the unsung hero of the year.

3. Super 8

The greatest sci-fi film of the year by far, J.J. Abrams’ latest is a tribute to film, and starred fantastic performances by a few young newcomers.

2. The Adventures of Tintin

Easily the greatest animated film of the year, and likely the one with the highest action! It has as many exciting chase scenes as the Indiana Jones trilogy, and in 3D the action is even greater.

1. Hugo

Talk about a tribute to film! Hugo completes the year of the child actor, with Asa Butterfield and Chloe Grace Moretz having the best movie chemistry of the year. Martin Scorsese’s best ever, Hugo is a wonderful film the whole family will adore!


…And the ones that made me cringe…

11. Battle: Los Angeles

It came and went rather forgettably, and lacked the gusto I had hoped for it.

10. Colombiana

The revenge thriller has seen much better films, including Taken, and even though Saldana was great, the movie wasn’t.

9. In Time

Very punny, but horribly dull. It just didn’t add up. A waste of time. Not Justin Timberlake’s year for movies.

8. Scream 4

The only reason it’s not higher on this list is because it knew it wasn’t great, it didn’t take itself seriously at all. How could it?

7. Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Terribly disappointing, and James Franco was just awful. The action was alright near the end, but the story was dull and slow.

6. Crazy, Stupid, Love

Horribly overrated. It shouldn’t get any nominations of any sort, unless the Razzie’s are considered. It seems rushed, and while the cast is promising, it’s disappointing.

5. Straw Dogs

The plot is weak and the acting goes between under acting and overacting. It was bloody, but not very well written.

4. The Dilemma

Not funny. At all. Queen Latifah was horrible, and what I thought would be a great duo of Vince Vaughn and Kevin James was awfully disappointing.

3. The Tree of Life

Slow, boring, and unforgettable…but in all the worst ways. I would never watch it again, it was torture.

2. Bad Teacher

Horrible script, terrible acting, and everything was awkward and unfunny. Shame on you, Cameron Diaz. And Justin Timberlake, c’mon…

1. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part I

Chances are, you saw it. Only a million people did. It was lame, the story fluttered too quickly between topics, and Pattinson and Stewart acted worse than they had before. The worst of the franchise, and that’s saying something. Sorry Twi-hards.

What does your Top and Bottom 11? Are mine just terribly off? Talk back, I wanna hear what you think!! And remember to subscribe to email updates so you can know when I post a new review!


13 thoughts on “My Top & Bottom 11 of 2011

  1. I agree, breaking dawn was about the worst movie i’ve ever seen. And bad teacher was so stupid. I was so excited to see it, and then i was terribly let down.

    1. It was a horrible movie, very disappointing. But it doesn’t help that I saw Black Swan, a fantastic punch-in-the-gut movie, the night after. After Black Swan I completely forgot about The Dilemma! Thanks for reading!

    1. I haven’t seen many movies like The Artist or The Decsendents because I live in a tiny town with a small movie theater. I thought Tintin was amazing, it should definitely win Best Animated Picture and likely get a Best Picture nod like Toy Story 3 and Up the past couple years. Margin Call was a great humanized story, and J. Edgar just had a pretty darn good performance by Leo DiCaprio.
      Rise of the Planet of the Apes was definitely not James Franco’s best movie, his emotion needed more depth and so did the story. For example, the relationship lasted 5 years without us ever seeing them without the ape.
      And C,S,L wasn’t very funny, and the ending seemed like it was thrown together last minute.

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