The Movies that Made Me Laugh in 2011

I watched about 12 movies released in 2011 that tried to make America laugh. These are the 5 that succeeded in making me laugh, at the very least.

5. Kung Fu Panda 2


Even though it’s animated, and aimed at children, the vocal talents of Jack Black and Seth Rogen can make anyone laugh! It has just as many comical lines as the first, and Black has some real knee slappers.

4. Horrible Bosses

Horrible Bosses

An honest effort at a Hangover-esque hit, but it missed by just a bit. There were still quite a few gut-busting lines though.

3. Arthur


This is partly out of pity, since I heard that Russel Brand will no longer be married to Katy Perry. It’s sad. But anything with Russel Brand can make me laugh, and this is no exception. Helen Mirren even draws a few chuckles.

2. Bridesmaids


The biggest box office comedy success of 2011, Bridesmaids presents itself as the females return to real comedy. The girls are hysterical, but I do hold the number 1 spot for someone else.

1. Our Idiot Brother


The most hilarious movie of the year, Paul Rudd has his best role ever in Our Idiot Brother. No one else could have pulled it off quite the same. He and T.J. Miller are perfect together, awesome!

8 thoughts on “The Movies that Made Me Laugh in 2011

    1. Yes, very! I didn’t see very many comedies in 2011, and unfortunately some of the ones I was looking forward too (The Hangover Part II, for starters) totally flopped!

  1. I love Paul Rudd – I’m still not sure how I managed to miss Our Idiot Brother, although I’m in the UK so it may still be on its way. Great post! 🙂

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