The sad thing? ‘Trespass’ is one of Cage’s best

Trespass (2011)

Directed by Joel Schumacher

6.5/10  R

Right up front, I will admit I broke my personal rule to “Never knowingly view any Nick Cage movie.” He has a history of overacting, but more importantly he has a history of choosing absolutely ghastly projects. Face/Off? Ghost Rider? Season of the Witch? It’s shocking that the nephew of famed director Francis Ford Coppola can’t get anything better than that. Well, Trespass is a little bit better than that. It’s, to my knowledge, the greatest film Cage has starred in since the first National Treasure.

In this complex thriller, one of the best about a home invasion since Panic Room, masked men and women enter the home of Kyle (Cage), Sarah (Nicole Kidman), and their lone daughter Avery (Liana Liberto) Miller. The family is taken hostage, but as the back story is revealed we see the villains’ veiled intent on choosing this particular home. The family unravels along with the plot as the insecurities of this seemingly normal upper-class family are exposed and the past comes back to haunt them. But will they stick together long enough to survive these hell-bent visitors?

Nicole Kidman in Trespass (2011)

Nicholas Cage gets into his role, looking and sounding the part, but still manages to overact right alongside his wife. Kidman is even worse…but then, who wouldn’t overact in their situation? Home invasions are difficult to act out, unless you’ve…wait, Nicholas Cage had a similar situation? Never mind, I do blame him.

Inventive, quick, thrilling cinematography by Andrzej Bartkowiak (Terms of Endearment) helped make the movie as captivating as it was. And Joel Schumacher (Phantom of the Opera) in the director’s chair couldn’t have hurt. But maybe it’s just a cheap, fear-inducing thriller, one that hooks you because you know it could just as easily happen to you. You say “He shouldn’t even be in this position, he could have easily picked up the gun,” but do you know how fast your mind runs in that situation? Do you really know right then and there to grab that gun, or that knife, or whatever weapon is lying right in front of you? I can’t pick apart this movie because I’ve never been in any situation relatively close to this. But Nick Cage has.

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