Lightning Review Round!

I started my blog in September, meaning that there were 8 months of 2011 films I didn’t get the chance to review. So get ready for a short, two sentence, up or down review of ten movies that you may want to see.

One Day – I didn’t get to see the end of this romance, but the film seemed rushed. Any movie spread out over 20 years has that effect sometimes. It makes the viewers unable to relate to the characters because we learn very little from them. Thumbs down anyway.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – I saw Part I and Part II back to back, and it was an epic experience. The ending was a bit of a let down, in my opinion, but they had to stick with the book. Acting was splendid, action was great, and the plot is irresistible. Definitely rent this.

Battle: Los Angeles – It had solid graphics and major action. If you enjoy war movies or extraterrestrial movies, you’ll enjoy it.

The Adjustment Bureau – This got bad ratings, but I thought it was cute. The romance was believable, and the plot was surprisingly captivating. I’d see it again. A good couples movie, rent.

The Dilemma – This was weak on the funny for me. Vince Vaughn and Kevin James seem like a perfect duo, but it didn’t work. Skip it.

Scream 4 – These are getting old. So is Courtney Cox. Skip it, unless you absolutely loved the others.

Red Riding Hood – Actually very intense, loved the mystery. And Amanda Seyfried and Gary Oldman are great. Worth renting.

Paul – Funnier than I expected, but not hysterical. Surprisingly, I don’t think Seth Rogen was the best voice choice. If you laugh easily, it might make you chuckle.

Arthur – Much funnier, mostly because Russel Brand can say anything and make me laugh. The relationship isn’t entirely believable, but it’s a comedy. Helen Mirren is spectacular as always. See it.

Winnie-the-Pooh – I was excited because I had read the heavily sarcastic, terrific book. The movie wasn’t near as good, it was short, and most of the songs were drawn out. But then again, I’m not a child. Rent it for the kids.

And that’s everything I got! That concludes 2011 for me, anything else I see I’ll be reviewing, including Hugo hopefully this week, and maybe something else tonight. Thanks for reading! Let me know what you thought of these ten movies, and subscribe!


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